Sensorious OT Solutions is a division of TAJMAC who believes that there are no non-living things. Any time in life, you may have heard that in future these so-called non-living things will talk, listen, think and even communicate with each other. That future is now and Sensorious is just all about that. At Sensorious we believe that this technology should be too easy to implement that even an average person can Innovate his own solutions. We hate gateways, and our R&D team is making sure that we have a future without them.

At Sensorious, we are capitalizing on our experiences from our group (TAJMAC) to deliver solutions from tiny circuits to large operation automation. We provide sensors (eyes and ears to sense stuff happening in your environment), online brain, which can analyze that data and take decisions upon, and the ‘Actors’ like an electrical switch, or a door opening and closing on instructions of brain based upon
data it receives from sensors.

Our Services

Sensorious one of the finest cloud and application development services provider with Microsoft Azure built at its core.

Turnkey Solutions

Offering Turnkey solutions for industries and businesses.

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Automation Solutions

Providing various scale able home automation solutions.

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Custom IoT Solutions

Delivering custom IoT solutions for various sector.

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R & D Projects

Delivering innovation through R&D solutions.

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Our Skills

We understand and use traditional IT values and practices to generate results that perform for all areas of your business.

Overcome The Complexities of HRD

Delivering the flexible and practical HRD solutions that your business needs.


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